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Enigne 241

harwood engine.jpg

Engine 241 is a 1998 Seagrave, split cab chassis with a 10 man crew cab.  The engine is equipped with a Waterous 1500 gallon per minute single stage pump, 500 gallon water tank, 40 gallon foam tank, 10KW hydraulic generator, and on board pre-connected Hurst Maverick tool. The foam tank is pre-piped to the front bumper trash line through the on board Akron foam eductor.  Four other pre-connected lines are carried around the apparatus in both 1.75” and 3” hose and two large diameter discharges allow for water supply operations.  Seven Scott SCBA’s, thermal imaging camera, multi-gas meter, positive pressure fan, and various other firefighting tools round out the compliment of equipment carried on the engine company. The engine originally served in the Bethpage New York Fire Department as Engine Company 5. Members refurbished the engine "in house" and it was painted in the new black over lime green paint scheme to match our sister company, Hazle Township Fire Rescue. 

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