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bang bang bingo

We're blending two best “bangs” that we could think of (guns and sex toys) to bring you one exhilarating bingo event, Bang Bang Bingo!

This is NOT your grandmother’s bingo.

Please leave Karen and anyone who would get their granny panties in a knot at home for this one.

Saturday, September 17th, 2022
Doors open at 4pm, first game is at 6pm

Harwood Fire Company

874 Old Street, Hazle Township, Pennsylvania


10 games of gun prizes (pistols, revolvers, rifles, etc.)

10 games of sex toy prizes (wedges, lubes, lotions, potions, vibes, beads, etc.)

A complete list of all prizes will be announced soon



Quickie Raffles throughout the night (who doesn't love a quickie?)

Tricky Tray/Raffle Baskets

Knockin' on the Back Door, Door Prizes

50/50 Raffle


food & drinks

International Love Affair Themed Menu

America: Busty Buffalo Chicken Loaded Mac and Cheese

Canada: MILF Approved BBQ Chicken, Apple, Bacon Mini Quesadilla's, eh?

Italy: Balls in Your Mouth Meatball Burger

France: Morning After Monte Cristo Sandwich

Korea: Kinky Korean Beef Tacos
Ireland: Missionary Baked Potato Soup

Poland: Pimpin' Pierogis

Walking Tri-pod Watermelon Lemonade

Money Shot Master Margarita

Love Punch 69

Mister Monogamy (Miller Lite)

Doctor Cocker (Yuengling)

Basic Bitch (White Claw)


fine print

Winners are responsible for paying taxes, transfer fees, and the PSP background check.

Cash alternative prizes will be available for the gun prizes ONLY for $300


No exceptions, we will be carding people! All Federal and State laws apply.

Prizes with triggers will be supplied by Shooters Rendezvous and must be claimed within 60 days of the event.



Tickets can only be purchased online through the link below


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